Screen Time Chronicles: Our Unfiltered Social Media Stories

Our three-month update on our evolving relationships with social media. The transformation is stark, as we revisit our screen times, and oh how the tables have turned. While Arturo's screen time has surged, Dani and Grant have made strides in lowering their online presence. Grant's newfound presence in the real world has strengthened his relationships, unburdened by past worries and online distractions. Dani's decision to wean off Instagram has revitalized her focus and nurtured a newfound sense of confidence. On the flip side, Arturo grapples with the mounting pressure on his physical appearance as his online presence grows. What we see online often diverges from the reality of the three-dimensional world. As we navigate this new era in our social media journeys, join us to discover the lessons we've learned about screen time, relationships, and the true impact of our digital interactions on our lives.

September 27, 2023