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Podcaster Grant Gurtin brings his thoughtful approach to audiences everywhere, engaging on a wide range of topics that encourage discussion and build relationships.

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Screen Time Chronicles: Our Unfiltered Social Media Stories

A three-month update on our evolving relationships with social media, where we explore the impact of screen time on our lives.

Balancing Connection and Overload: The Social Media Labyrinth

From comparisons and vulnerability to the quest for true fulfillment, we navigate the landscape of our conflicting opinions in the age of digital abundance.

Embracing Change: Our Individual Journeys Through Life Transitions

From Grant's move to Florida, to Arturo's journey to Japan, and Dani's directorial debut, we celebrate the courage it takes to embrace new chapters.

Decoding Dating Apps: Distractions or Opportunities?

Grant bids farewell to dating apps, Dani goes back and forth with them, and Arturo finally takes the plunge into the world of digital dating.

Beyond the Swipe: Finding Love in the Digital Age

We delve into stories of whirlwind engagements, celebrity encounters, and niche dating platforms, while offering valuable insights for successful online dating.

Lights, Camera, Intimacy: Decoding Hollywood's Hidden Role

Explore the fascinating world of on-screen intimacy from an expert's perspective as we sit down with Alicia Topolnycky.

Awaken to Triumph: Navigating Life Through Quality Sleep

We share valuable insights into overcoming sleep challenges and crafting both bedtime and waking routines for a more restful life.

Body, Mind, and Motion: Unveiling the Importance of Movement

Join us in exploring the significance of movement as a fundamental aspect of life, with each of our hosts sharing unique perspectives on its importance.

From Illness to Vitality: Grant's Nutritional Awakening

This is Grant's story of healing and resilience, where his transformative experiences led him to bid farewell to chronic health challenges.

Eating Beyond Labels: Dani's Story of Breaking Free from Veganism

We explore Dani's nutritional journey, marked by both appreciation and regret, as she shares the transformative decision to step away from veganism.

Cheat Code Back to Confidence: One Chicken Tender a Day

Arturo shares his 30-day journey, surviving on just one chicken tender a day and shedding an incredible one pound a day, from 207 lbs to 177 lbs.

Unlocking Vocal Freedom: Embrace Your Voice with Sarah J Bartholomew

We delve into the complexities of self-perception and learn how to overcome common vocal obstacles to unleash a confident and powerful voice.


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Grant Gurtin: A Journey of Entrepreneurship, Mindfulness, and Sports Media

Grant Gurtin is a dynamic entrepreneur, investor, and podcast host who has made a significant impact in various spheres. With a passion for entrepreneurship, mindfulness, and sports media, Grant has embarked on a remarkable journey that has already inspired many.

Dani Hurtado

Meet Daniela Hurtado, the Bolivian-born artist and producer behind the Birds of Prey Podcast. Her journey is a unique blend of artistic pursuits. Daniela's path intertwined with Grant Gurtin during her time at the Tech Stars Sports Accelerator program in 2019 while working on the Fanium Fantasy team. This experience deepened her passion for creative endeavors. Notably, Daniela's artistic achievements include her lead role in the debut feature film "Three Headed Beast," selected for the prestigious 2022 Tribeca Film Festival. Beyond acting, she ventured into the director's chair and successfully crowdfunded her film "Affogato," where she also played the lead character, Fanny.

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Arturo Rolón: A Small-Town Creative with a Big Heart

Arturo Rolón hails from the quiet town of Cleburne, Texas, where the simplicity of rural life shaped his character and instilled in him an appreciation for life's small joys. While he initially pursued a degree in Management Information Systems at The University of Texas at Austin, Arturo discovered his true calling lay in Marketing, a decision driven by his insight into its broader benefits.