Cheat Code Back to Confidence: One Chicken Tender a Day

Arturo shares his daring 30-day challenge: surviving on just one chicken tender a day, shedding an incredible one pound daily, and transforming from 207 lbs to 177 lbs. But it's not just a weight loss story; it's a testament to the power of determination and unconventional thinking. Discover how delusion and naivety played a role in his journey and why self-honesty is the key to success. Arturo unveils the harsh consequences he faced, including rapid hair loss, nausea, and doubt's constant whisper. We dive deep into the consequences, both physical and mental, of this audacious challenge. Arturo's biggest revelation? The power to dictate his own life. This is the story of Arturo’s cheat code back to confidence.

June 17, 2023